Lister denies Avance and FCC sale rumours

Industry rumours that speciality baking companies Avance and the French Croissant Company are up for sale have been dismissed by their owner John Lister, following the sale of sister company New Primebake last month.

Greggs steps up activity as costs bite into profits

Bakery chain Greggs says it is taking action to drive sales growth, including a TV advertising campaign, new promotional initiatives and the launch of new healthy products, following a drop in year-on-year profits.

Food Design cuts hydrogenated fats

Food Design (Harrogate, Yorks) has announced it now uses non-hydrogenated vegetable oils in the manufacture of its fudge and toffee ingredients. The company says this healthy option retains taste and eye appeal while offering high performance.


Macphie (Glenbervie, Scotland) has launched premium Soft & Chewy Cookie Mix in four flavours, made with non-hydrogenated fat. The ‘add-water’ mixes are available in plain, chocolate, chocolate chunk and oat & raisin.

Premium products to Adore

Dawn Foods (Evesham, Worcs) supplies the Adore brand, which comprises four lines of individually-wrapped premium bakery products: muffins, brownies, indulgence cakes and US-style cookies, available in a variety of flavours.

Kanomix from Zeelandia

Kanomix from Zeelandia (Billericay, Essex) is named after a traditional Dutch cookie product and can be used to create cookies with a vanilla and buttery taste.

A Rich range of cookies

Rich’s (Fareham, Hampshire) Premier range of bake-off cookies is aimed at the top end of the market.

Adding value with inclusions

Renshaw (Liverpool, Merseyside) offers a range of ingredients to help bakers make value-added cookies.

RHM: don’t miss the oat

For bakers who are unable to bake cookies from scratch, McDougalls Cookie Mixes from RHM (Reading) are described as quick and easy to use and deliver a ‘home-made’ taste.

Cereform new cookie mix

New Manhattan Cookie Mix from Cereform (Northampton) produces a US-style cookie, which offers a taste and texture more suited to the UK market, says the company. Available in chocolate or plain, bakers can add fruit, nuts or chocolate to the mix to give a signature cookie.

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