New-look loaves mark Hovis’ 120th birthday

British Bakeries is to relaunch its wholemeal Hovis loaves as it celebrates the 120th birthday of the Hovis brand.
Sussex University’s Professor Cheng: ‘IT solutions’
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Production schedules undergo IT revolution

Hot on the heels of Japanese Brain Buns (British Baker, April 21, pg 9) comes another tale of baking with a cerebral twist. This time it takes the improbable form of a professor of cognitive science dressed in bakers’ whites doing a shift at a supermarket in-store bakery.

Greasy does it with Carlo

Zeelandia (Billericay, Essex) supplies release agents and divider oils to craft bakers and industrial manufacturers. The Carlo water-in-oil emulsion benefits from a high viscosity, allowing adhesion and good spraying properties, says the company. Designed for greasing bread tins, it has a beneficial effect on the colour of the bread crust.

JBS flexes its curls

JBS (Market Deeping, Peterborough) has introduced a flexible sheeting and curling unit for its Rollmaster range of roll plant. The unit’s horizontal sheeter replaces the conventional vertical unit and is already operational in a customer’s plant in South Africa.

Kluman offers plant ingredients

Kluman & Balter (Waltham Cross, Herts) offers a range of ingredients for bread plants, from divider oil to all-vegetable bread fat, plus a range of seeds and bread dressings.

Norbake adjusts pressure

The Pietroberto Bread Plant from Norbake (Batley, West Yorks) can produce bloomers, tinned bread and full-sized French sticks, among others, and 150 of the units are already in service in the UK.

Baker Perkins’ Tweedy eye

Baker Perkins (Peterborough), formerly APV Baker, is offering an upgraded control system for Tweedy mixers. The company says that most Tweedy mixers in daily use are mechanically sound, but their control systems are obsolete and provide limited functionality. Upgrading these improves performance and extends the life of the machine.

Twin Star belts out bread

The Kemper Twin Star, available from Eurobake (Bolton) is a tow row, fully-automatic dough dividing and moulding machine, which produces round, long moulded and folded rolls to handmade quality. The machine can produce between 1,600 and 3,000 pieces an hour.

Rex runs to Koenig’s tune

Koenig, the specialist manufacturer of automatic roll plants, has recently introduced what it says is its most versatile industrial roll plant yet.

Automation nation

“Everyone’s looking for something different,” says Chris Huish of Mono. “There’s a big swing towards artisan-type bread and rolls to give bakers a point of difference and consumers something new.” Swansea-based Mono acts as agent for Austrian firm Baktec, which supplies roll plants across Europe. These plants, with capacities ranging from 2,500-18,000 units an hour, are the ideal way for medium-to-large bakeries to join the artisanal roll revolution, says Mr Huish.

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