American firm CH Babb (stand D300) will be showing its custom-made tunnel ovens. The company says it has moved to new premises in Raynham, just outside Boston, and is expanding its test baking facility to enable customers to carry out trials on site. CH Babb has recently completed an installation of four air impingement ovens for Avana Bakeries.


First showing for Mono.
Jack Matthews: action plan is most important
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Skills master-plan to beat shortages

A master-plan to boost skills in the food and drink manufacturing sector is being devised by sector skills council Improve.

Puratos investigates tomorrow’s bakeries

A detailed insight into the wants and needs of UK consumers as they shop for fresh and pre-packed bread could help bakers improve their offer, according to new research from ingredients supplier Puratos.
Tony Phillips is past president of the NAMB and is (allegedly) retired from running Janes Pantry with 10 shops in Gloucestershire
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A simple country baker

Never accept statistics at face value as in this day and age they are usually slanted to put over one specific view. We are always being told about traffic deaths and the need for speed cameras. But in The Sunday Times it was reported that the AA had done a survey and found that 40% of all pedestrians killed over the age of 16 were drunk, while, at the same time, only 22% of the drivers were over the limit.
David Hall: moving into retail was too good an opportunity to turn down
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‘Caring’ wholesaler with heart for retail

Taking over the running of three ailing bakery shops, when you are a successful wholesale-only company, because you thought the staff appeared “conscientious and caring”, may not sound like the kind of hard-nosed business decision that would impress the Alan Sugars or Donald Trumps of this world.

Happy families

An association dedicated to assisting Scotland’s vast number of family businesses has officially come into being, thanks in no small measure to the drive of a prominent craft baker.
Sylvia Macdonald
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The lure of lower-cost Eastern Europe beckons. Lightbody of Hamilton has exclusively revealed to British Baker that it intends to build a £2 million factory in the Czech Republic to supply its European growth. It is also launching a joint venture in Shanghai, China.

Ethnic food firms told to export

Manufacturers of ethnic foods should consider selling in mainland Europe, due to saturation in some market sectors in the UK, says market development consultancy Food from Britain (FFB). It claims the market in Spain is growing by 30% a year, for example, and Belgium is also strong.

Welsh firm regains contract

Welsh wholesale bakery Popty Cae Groes, based in Bethesda, Snowdonia, has regained the contract to supply supermarket Morrisons with its speciality bara brith and Welsh cakes. These had previously been delisted after Morrisons bought Safeway.

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