‘Carefully crafted food is far too good to waste’

Sadie Westwood, of behaviour change agency 23red, on activity to encourage catering businesses to combat food waste

Is your workforce ready for a no-deal Brexit?

Kate Palmer, associate director of advisory at law firm Peninsula Group, gives advice on preparations employers can make ahead of Brexit

'When increasing fibre, process changes may be required to return texture'

Stanley Cauvain, director at Baketran, on the challenges of adding fibre and protein

Legal: The right approach to making staff redundant

Kate Palmer, associate director of advisory at Peninsula Group, gives advice to business owners on what to do if they need to make redundancies.

“It’s essential to have a contract with detailed product specifications from the outset”

Tom Lock, founder of Awfully Posh (AP) Brands, offers advice on scaling up a business.

“One day the entire café was taken up by three people using their laptops and spending £7.20”

Rowan Walker, founder of The Bearded Baker, on his decision to ban laptops from his café – and how he deals with unjustified negative comments from customers.

'If an item of furniture isn’t food-grade, it has no place in a facility'

Sue Springett of hygienic furniture and equipment supplier Teknomek discusses reducing food contamination risks.

Woman kneading pizza dough with hands
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Why does the bakery trade remain so male-dominated?

Sophie Braker, test baker at Zeelandia, asks why, despite women accounting for the majority of bakery students, men account for such a large proportion of the industry

‘When negotiating, understand any movement in material costs’

Brian Clarke, director at European Food Consultants, looks at the relationship between suppliers and retailers.

'We hear the need for 20% of training to be ‘off the job’ as a barrier to recruiting'

David Hall, founder of the The London Bread & Cake Company, on the opportunities and challenges of bakery apprenticeships.

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