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Easter: Nostalgia is spicing up hot cross bun NPD

Retailers are flipping tradition on its head and giving hot cross buns a new lease of life.

Can the supermarkets do top-tier doughnuts?

UK doughnut sales are booming but, with customers becoming accustomed to super-premium doughnuts from specialists, can the supermarkets keep up?

Beyond the baguette: European inspiration

As consumers’ appetite for artisan-style baked goods continues to grow, German, Nordic and Eastern European breads offer big opportunities.

Valentines for those not feeling the love

Not everyone gets the feel for 14 February, and there’s a chance for bakers to woo a different sort of seasonal shopper.

Breakfast Bakery: Going to work on a healthier sandwich

Can breakfast sandwiches shed their greasy image in favour of a more wholesome one?

Icing & Sugarcraft: experts reveal trends driving cake design

British Baker asked some of the biggest names in cake decorating to give their views on the trends and techniques likely to shape the craft in the future.

Going global to curry favour with pastry fans

Pies offer a comforting hit of pastry and fillings, but with global flavours making waves on the UK stage, is it time manufacturers branched out of their comfort zone?

Gut feeling: health and longer fermentation

Breads that help to target gut health are gaining increasing traction in the market, with suppliers investing in their development.

How do you make a star Christmas bakery product?

Each year, British Baker holds the Christmas Stars competition to find standout examples of festive baked goods.

The London Hilton on Park Lane offers a festive-themed afternoon tea
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Can sweet pastries rise to the occasion?

There’s stiff competition for a place on the cake stand at any afternoon tea, but sweet pastry manufacturers think their products can shine on any occasion.

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