Coming clean: how to select ware-washing kit

Choosing effective ware-washing kit depends on parameters including the bakery needs, hardness of water and the machine’s potential longevity.

Waste management: Opportunities bakers cannot afford to waste

Implementing a waste management plan in a bakery offers up a host of economical, social and environmental benefits. Even small steps can make a big difference.

Trays, Tins & Release Agents: Greasing the wheels of bakery success

Bakers cannot afford to ignore the condition of their bakeware, but getting the right coatings for tins and using the correct release agents for different products is no straightforward process.

Sheeting & Laminating: Develop a relationship with flexible friends

Versatile sheeting and laminating equipment can help bakers create interesting textures, handle wet doughs and process a variety of inclusions, all while keeping doughs as stress-free as possible

Packaging: Are bakers ready for plastic challenge?

With consumers pressing for a reduction in plastic packaging, bakery firms and multiple retailers are using a variety of initiatives to tackle the problem head-on

Checks to take the weight off your mind

We look at the rules governing product weight, and how a checkweigher can help a food manufacturing business ensure compliance.

Hybrid ovens dig out tunnel sector niche

Developments in hybrid tunnel ovens are giving bakers even more choice than before, but they need to be aware of the difference in costs and what suits the products they bake.

X-ray specs: watching out for contaminants

Detecting contaminants in baked goods protects a product’s integrity, helps to avoid costly recalls and ensures legal compliance, so the systems used are becoming increasingly sophisticated 

Make sure the slice is right in your bakery

Increased demand for artisanal breads and high-end cakes means the technology for slicing and cutting needs to keep pace

New kids on the drop: meeting evolving needs

Potential post-Brexit labour shortages are prompting suppliers to find kit that will handle more delicate tasks, and equipment manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge.

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