Made to measure: how dough kit is cut to fit

Trends for artisan breads, gluten-free products and wetter doughs are challenging equipment suppliers to keep pace and offer kit that will fit the bill

Displays & fixtures: Creating theatre in a box office-sized store

When space is at a premium, retail bakers need to make the most of every inch. Here, shop design specialists give some tips on how best to utilise the area available… and maximise sell-through

Bread & Roll Plant: Can robots ease bakery labour pains?

Already well established in large-scale businesses, labour concerns means automation is increasingly likely to be seen in bakeries of all sizes

Turning up the heat: which oven suits your business?

An oven’s importance in the bakery cannot be overstated, but knowing which one is just right for your business takes research and forethought

Refrigeration & Blast Freezing: Blast off: from 70 to zero in 90 minutes

Maintaining product quality and safety in a busy bakery can be problematic... and this is where the blast freezer can make a difference. But the technology is not suited to everyone

Smooth operators: maintain your mixers

As a vital piece of equipment, bakery mixers need to be properly cleaned and maintained to ensure they provide optimum performance... and new designs are  helping the process

Retarder Provers: Getting the most out of a retarder prover

The benefits that retarder provers bring to a bakery cannot be underestimated – and could even play a role in encouraging youngsters into the trade

Pest control: keep your bakery squeaky clean

No bakery business needs bad press associated with poor hygiene practices, so bakers should take time and care to ensure they are maintaining high standards of cleanliness and pest control

Waste: Good causes: donating your surplus to charity

Charity donations are a good way of using up surplus stock, but bakeries need to be sure they don’t fall foul of the regulations governing this process

Trays, tins & release agents: New technology keeps bakeware on track

Advanced systems and new materials are enabling businesses to track their bakeware and extend its usable life, bringing financial and efficiency benefits.

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