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Feature synopsis Oct 2019: Tins and Release Agents

This article will examine how changes in bread styles – particularly artisan-style breads and products catering to specialist diets - have impacted the tins, trays and pans market. Topics will include:

Feature synopsis Oct 2019: Chocolate

This feature will look at the role chocolate can play when it comes to reducing the sugar content of baked goods, such as brownies, cakes and biscuits.

Feature synopsis Oct 2019: Resource management

This feature will explore how bakers plan and manage production schedules to effectively minimise surplus baked goods, while still ensuring supply meets the demand from customers.

Feature synopsis Sept 2019: Packaging & labelling

The article will explore the alternatives to plastic packaging and the challenges they present.

Feature Synopsis Sep 2019: Sheeting & Laminating

This article will look at sheeting and laminating equipment that has been developed, or can be adapted for, medium-sized bakery businesses (those employing less than 200 staff).

Feature Synopsis Sep 2019: Muffin

Muffins are well established in the breakfast market, but what can be done to extend their appeal to other occasions and other parts of the day?

Feature Synopsis Sept 2019: Christmas

Heston’s hidden orange Christmas pudding was a smash hit for Waitrose ten years ago – and show-stopping creations are a key element in many supermarket festive bakery ranges.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Yeast

This feature will look at the role yeast plays – and may play in future – in having a functional benefit in baked goods.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Safety & Hygiene

Flour dust is one of the biggest occupational safety concerns for the bakery industry – and failure to adequately protect staff can result in large fines and reputational damage.

Feature Synopsis Aug 2019: Cupcakes

Supermarkets sales of cupcakes are booming, with value sales up almost a quarter year on year according to Kantar data.

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