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Feature synopsis: Traceability, Weighing & Measuring

This article will look at how bakery businesses may be wasting resources – and could save money and prevent waste – through more accurate weighing.

Feature synopsis: IBA Show Preview

Ahead of the 2018 IBA trade show in Munich in September, this feature will look at some of the key trends shaping the international bakery market, and how these will be explored at the event.

Feature synopsis: Cupcakes 2018

Supermarkets sales of cupcakes are shifting away from in-store bakery products in favour of pre-packed lines. Meanwhile, volumes sales are in growth again after two years of decline.

Feature synopsis: Metal detection and x-ray

This article will look at x-ray and metal detection equipment, with a focus on how a bakery business can select the most suitable x-ray equipment based on the type of production and goods being manufactured.

Feature synopsis: High fibre and seeded bread 2018

‘Bread with bits’ is continuing to play a big role in the growth of the bakery market – but what opportunities are there to produce and market seeded loaves in interesting ways?

Feature synopsis: Halloween 2018

This feature will focus on ways a bakery can premiumise its Halloween offer.

Feature synopsis: Cutting, slicing and portioning 2018

This article will examine the bread and bread roll slicing options available to medium sized and large businesses.

Feature synopsis: Thins, Wraps & Pitta 2018

This article will explore the wide range of flatbreads and wraps offered outside the UK, and whether they can find or grow their audience on these shores.

Feature synopsis: Sugar & sweeteners 2018

This article will explore the role of syrups as a sweetening agent in bakery and a potential alternative to traditional granulated sugars.

Feature synopsis: Flour 2018

This article will explore how bakers use – or could use – the provenance of the flour the bake with to help market their products and set them apart from rivals.

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