Amano café chain to expand with a focus on bakery

The theatre of baking is at the heart of the Amano café concept, which is to be rolled out across London and ultimately nationwide.


n Consumer confidence in the internet means that 65% of shoppers want to buy their Christmas gifts online this year. A report by Visa reveals that 81% of Britons believe shopping online saves time; 70% think it saves money.

Northern profits slump

Northern Foods rejected City suggestions that it would fail to get the £200m it was seeking for the pastry, cakes, speciality bread and flour milling businesses.

Dorothy Biscuits

These tasty orange biscuits come from a collection of 215 recipes compiled by a professional baker, Fredrick Vine, in his book Biscuits for Bakers: Easy to Make and Profitable to Sell, which was published in 1896. He recommended selling these biscuits at 1 shilling a pound. In today's terms that's about £8 for a kilo or £3.90 a pound.

Mrs Frazer's ginger and caraway sponge

This fatless sponge comes from The Practice of Cookery, Pastry and Confectionery and was first published in Edinburgh in 1791.

RTS Flexible Systems

RTS Flexible Systems (Irlam, Manchester) a provider of integrated robotic and automation systems for the food industry, has developed a solution for picking and packing food products into variety packs.

Kitchen Range Foods

Kitchen Range Foods (Peterborough) is extending its range of Cadbury chocolate donuts with the launch of an individually wrapped Cadbury Milk Chocolate donut - a single ring donut covered in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate and sprinkled with chunky chocolate pieces.


Macphie is helping bakers during the festive season with a range of convenient, ready-to-use desserts and sweet sauces. The desserts include Macphie Crème Caramel, Macphie Panna Cotta and Macphie Crème Brûlée. The desserts are tolerant to alcohol making them suitable for Christmas products.

Burton's Foods

Burton's Foods (Blackpool, Lancashire), makers of Cadbury's biscuits under licence, has launched a Cadbury "Signature" collection, comprising 200g packs of Bournville Shortcake Rounds, Milk Chocolate shortbread and Milk Chocolate Orange cookies (RSP £1.99).


The new compact Herma 400 Slim Line label applicator allows new and existing rotary machines to be easily converted to run self-adhesive labels.

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