Tesco breads grow

Tesco's bakery sales are ahead of budget and up year-on-year, category manager Andy Brocklehurst told British Baker this week.


In the past 25 years, the face of retailing across this country has changed completely. In have come the big supermarkets and out have gone the local community shops - bakers often being a typical example. And I see nothing in the preliminary report from the Competition Commission that will change anything one iota (pg 8).

Liquidation for Pat-A-Cake shop

A Pat-A-Cake bakery and sandwich shop in Workington, has been put up for sale after the business went into liquidation last year (British Baker, 1 December, 2006) .

Gordon Polson, director, Federation of Bakers

The move in Brussels to abolish national legislation on prescribed quantities for pre-packed products, such as bread, was a hot topic for bakers in 2006, and will continue to be so this year.

Interest hovers around Ferrari's

Administrators say "a number of serious, interested parties" have come forward as potential buyers of Welsh bakery chain Ferrari's, which called in administrators on 18 December.

MPs back bill for local communities

A Sustainable Communities Bill, which sets out to protect high street retailers, was backed by 175 votes to 17 at its second reading at the House of Commons last week.

Ingredients watch

A major trend in the industry will be increased satiety, making the consumer feel full for longer. By increasing the amount of soluble and insoluble fibres in bakery goods - with such products having a low glycaemic index - energy is released slowly and steadily, helping to control appetite as well as cholesterol levels.

NA takes tough decision to close training section

The National Association of Master Bakers (NA) board of directors met in London last week and decided to close its training section, possibly affecting five assessors.

Regional bread winner selected

Suffolk baker Mark Felgate was named as "The Nation's Tastiest Baker" of regional bread as part of the eighth Farmhouse Breakfast Week celebrations this week.

Organic flour crisis

Organic wheat prices have hit an "historic high" as a supply crisis combines with soaring demand.

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