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Italian flair

Baking industry showtime in Italy this year runs from May 5-9. In Milan, AB tech expo and AB tech expo pizza - the AB stands for Arte Bianco or white art - will take place in two halls of the ultra-modern new exhibition centre in Milan, called Rho.

Evron's evolution

Long before Peter Kay uttered the immortal line in Phoenix Nights, "Garlic bread - it's the future, I've tasted it!" a Northern Irish bakery was having the very same flashbulb epiphany.

Happy wrapping

In the last couple of years, wraps have really taken off, and you only need to look in the food sections of high street shops or garages to see how popular they're proving with consumers as a convenient, tasty snack. From busy mums preparing school lunchboxes to late night kebab fans, following an evening in the pub, it seems the tortilla wrap is fast becoming the new sandwich.

The facts on fats

Love blooms for Kingsmill

Allied Bakeries claims its 16-year-old Kingsmill brand is already one of the best-known brands in the UK, but now management feel it is time to "take it on to the next level".

The best of British bakery

Very few people - especially those in the baking industry - can have failed to have heard about the EU Protected Food Name Scheme (EUPFN) in recent months. High-profile cases, such as the Melton Mowbray Pork Pie Association vs Northern Foods, have ensured the idea of protec-ting Britain's food heritage is one of 2007's industry hot topics.

Takeaway: hot beverages

February's round-up of new products, from Productscan, throws up some novel ideas in the international coffee and beverages market. Productscan is an international on-line market intelligence service, published by New York-based Datamonitor.

Tate & Lyle offloads Redpath

Tate & Lyle, the cereal sweete-ners and starches company, has announced the sale of its Canadian sugar refining business, Redpath, to American Sugar Refining, for a net consideration of £132 million.

Greencore growth

Irish food and sugar producer Greencore expects its convenience foods division will drive further growth in 2007, despite recent raw material cost increases and an electrical fire at its largest sandwich facility, Manton Wood.

Inter Link loss but brighter outlook

Cake company Inter Link Foods has announced it will not now meet market forecasts for the financial year ending 5 May, 2007.


It is good news for the baking industry that it will have one show, with the sole aim of promoting bakery machinery, ingredients and baked goods (pg 4). The agreement between BEL, the board which ran Food & Bake exhibition, and Wm Reed Exhibitions, which will launch The Baking Industry Exhibition at the NEC in April 2008, means a show that will carry the whole industry and also have theatre, live demonstrations and widespread promotion through many media.

Legislation watch

"As from 29 January 2007, a dormant provision in the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003 has been activated, allowing the NHS in England and Wales to recover the costs of treating persons who have incurred any sort of injury and who have successfully sued a negligent party for compensation. Equivalent steps are being taken in Scotland.

Traditional Polish Bakery hits Irish expansion trail

The Traditional Polish Bakery, set up in Dublin 12 months ago, is now expanding its nationwide distribution of traditional Polish bread lines.

Fletchers not set for closure

In the 16 February issue of British Baker we carried a report that Vision Capital planned to close the Fletchers Bakery at Sheffield.

Carr's sees hit to profits

Food and agriculture group Carr's said last week that resistance in the UK market to a flour price increase will hit group profits this half year.

Agreement on bakery show

Bakery Exhibitors Ltd (BEL) the board of Food & Bake exhibition, has decided to align itself with William Reed's Baking Industry Exhibition. The result will be the first-ever joint event for the baking industry, which will take place at the NEC from 6-9 April, 2008.

Ambitious target set for National Doughnut Week

The Children's Trust said last week that it hoped craft bakers could raise more than £50,000 through National Doughnut Week, making it the most successful to date.


n Biscuit company Burton's Foods says its has removed hydrogenated fats from its entire portfolio of over 100 products, including Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels, baked from the end of January 2007.

Fabulous frangipanes

Our Fruit Frangipane won us the New Baked Product Award at the Baking Industry Awards a few years ago. This simple recipe is a variation of a classical fruit and almond tart and has a shelf life of two or three days. A selection displayed in a shop window makes for a very attractive seasonal display.

Mono Equipment

A complete range of Belshaw doughnut-making equipment is being offered in the UK market by Mono Equipment (Queensway, Swansea).

Byron Bay Cookie


Country Choice

Country Choice (Orpington, Kent) has two varieties of fun-size, thaw-and-sell muffins in its Bake & Bite range, available in Double Chocolate or Blueberry flavours.

BakeMark UK

BakeMark UK (Wirral, Merseyside) has developed a range of cookies and doughnut mixes, which are licensed with Nestlé.


McDougall's range of snack mixes, from RHM Foodservice (Addlestone, Surrey), enables bakers to produce cookies, doughnuts and muffins easily, using McDougall's Muffin Mixes, offered in three varieties: chocolate, toffee and plain. The mixes can be adapted with extra flavours and ingredients, such as fruit and chocolate.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has launched American-style Mini-Muffin packs containing a mix of Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Kluman & Balter

According to Kluman & Balter (Waltham Cross, Herts), healthy-eating practices, purportedly spelling the demise of the muffin, have actually contributed to an increase in demand, particularly for fruit varieties. The breakfast muffin, can be packed with sultanas, raisins, apricots or walnuts and flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla. A more exotic version could include dried tropical fruits, all of which are offered

Moy Park Foodservice

Moy Park Foodservice (Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire) offers branded donuts under the Kitchen Range Foods label.


Reiser (Milton Keynes) has been selling and servicing food processing and packaging equipment for almost 50 years. Reiser equipment can be found in a variety of bakery applications worldwide, including depositing, sheeting and dividing, as well as packaging.

Dawn Foods

Dawn Foods (Evesham, Worcester) has launched Extra Moist Muffin Mix into its Baker's Select Range in two classic flavours - original and chocolate.

Making the most of muffins

BB's Coffee and Muffins is a place where teenage girls congregate, sipping cappuccinos eating cookies and catching up on the latest celebrity gossip. Meanwhile the odd 'suit' pops in for a quick fumble through the newspaper, a fresh baguette and double espresso. It also offers a safe haven for the hard-core shopper - or the more mature lady - to catch their breath and get a sugar hit before re-entering the scrums of people searching for those all-important bargains in the sales.

Ducks in a row

nd fun. But unlike the thousands of other businesses, which make that claim, you actually believe her - around about the time that she gets onto the subject of ducks.


Reading Alan Stuart in British Baker the other week (12 January pg 13), I thought how true it is that small can be successful against the big boys and his comments about Peter Drucker were so right. The thing I remember of Drucker was his view that all car show rooms should have a red convertible on display, which would bring in the men as it would make them think of wild youth and sex, while their wives would then make them buy a sedan.


Training continues

Coffee Republic reduces costs

London chain Coffee Republic has cut costs at its head office by 25%, after reporting that the value of its net assets had fallen below half the value of paid up share capital.

Commodities watch

The Salt Manufacturers' Association (SMA) is reminding bakers of the benefits of salt, otherwise know as sodium chloride, and says that it should not simply be dismissed as unhealthy.

Sara Lee sales rise

US bakery, drinks and household products company Sara Lee Corporation announced last week that net sales for its international bakery segment rose 5% to $199m in the second quarter ending 30 December, driven by favorable foreign currency exchange rates.

Dr Terry Sharp, head of the Baking & Cereal Processing Department, CCFRA

I like to enjoy my food, but I also I want to be sure that what I eat is 'good' for me. Of course, no single type of food is ever going to be good or bad, it's a question of how it fits into our overall food intake.

Improve unveils skills academy

A £4.4m food and drink skills 'academy', which co-ordinates existing training programmes in England, will launch in April.

Royal approval for pasty investment

The Duke of York visited Crantock Bakery in Cornwall last week to unveil a plaque marking the completion of a £1.1m investment in the site.

Starbucks and Costa aim for international growth

Coffee giants Starbucks and Costa Coffee have both announced plans for further overseas expansion.

Basco on a mission to find 'lost' bread baskets

Bread baskets firm Bakers Basco plans to focus on reducing basket losses in 2007, as it rolls out an industry standard 10-loaf basket.

Bakery sales up 6.1% says IRI

Bakery sales rose 6.1% to £3,438m in 2006, above the average 3.6% growth seen in the grocery sector, according to new data from Information Resources (IRI).

Allied invests £40m

Allied Bakeries has revealed plans for the "UK's biggest-ever bakery relaunch" as a £40m turnaround plan gets under way.


n A teenage robber, who held up a bakery in Burnley with a rolling pin, before making off with a chocolate orange gateau, has been sentenced to nine months in jail by Burnley Magistrates Court. Drunken Andre Lennox (19) pulled off victim Robert McKenna's glasses, threatened him with a rolling pin and then snatched £60 from the till at Birtwistle's Bakery, in Padiham last August.

Fletchers Bakery

In our 16th February issue of British Baker we carried a report that Vision Capital planned to close the Fletchers Bakery at Sheffield.


13 Focus On Flour

Portugal cakes

This recipe comes from Hannah Glasse's 1747 book, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy. Fortified wine, known as "sack", was used in the original recipe. Sack was like a dry sherry, which serves as an excellent modern equivalent.


Baking 'front-of-house' is increasingly popular for all sorts of products, especially for baking bread.


As part of its drive to offer electric alternatives to conventional gas cooking ranges, Lincat (Lincoln) has added a four hotplate electric range to its Opus 700 series of equipment. "For many years, gas-powered ranges have been at the heart of commercial bakeries in this country," says Nick McDonald, marketing and export director of Lincat.

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