Credible appeal

The organiser of the Great Taste Awards - set up to showcase the best of the UK's fine foods including bread and cakes - has taken the bold step of going toe-to-toe with supermarkets over premium labels, such as Tesco Finest and Sainsbury's Taste the Difference, which he claims may not always reflect top-end food quality for consumers.

An investment for the future

I am in the first year of a bakery course in Castle College. The course is very hands-on, which is great, as we get to test theories learned in class and transfer these skills in a practical way.

The folic debate

Calls to fortify flour or bread with folic acid to prevent pre-natal malformations of foetuses have been echoing for over a decade. Now, following prevarication, procrastination and consultation, there is finally an end in sight.

Don't chase your own tail Don't waste time fretting about things that never materialise, advises Tony Phillips... who also throws in a few choice observations on qualifications

Getting older has few compensations; bits and pieces you never knew you had start to ache and a great deal of time is spent between the doctor's surgery and the chemist, getting prescriptions for ailments that I'm sure they had never even invented when I was young.

Cruel to be kind

Despite wails of protest from the bakery trade over the past few months, it is now clear that van mileage is being taxed in a dramatic new way.

Sugar shock?

W holemeal bread took a spanking in The Sunday Times recently for having nearly double the level of sugar it did 30 years ago. Shock! Naughty plant bakers are contributing to the obesity epidemic by loading our bread with cheap sugar to make it more palatable and to compensate for salt reductions, it reported. Horror!

Commodities tracker

Pricing has been affected over the last month by significant weakening of the dollar, according to the RM Curtis Edible Nuts & Dried Fruit Market Report, March-April 2007.

Biscuit line boost for Lees

Confectionery manufacturer Lees Foods, owner of Lees of Scotland and The Waverley Bakery, has announced favourable year-end results, despite cost increases.

McCambridge hits out at 'unreasonable' Inter Link

A public row has broken out between cake supplier Inter Link and suitor and rival cake company McCambridge.

Jim Winship, director, British Sandwich Association

The recent closure of a sandwich business, due to listeria, highlights for us all the added risks chilled food operations all have to contend with these days, over and above the complexities of running any business.

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