Lidl drives in new TV campaign

Lidl launches TV campaign
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Lidl has launched a Little Market advertising campaign, comprising 13 separate adverts including one that champions its baked goods.

The 30-second advert will run across the whole TV network from a combination of terrestrial channels as well as digital during primetime slots until 5 November.

The bakery-specific ad draws customers’ attention to a number of items, including pain au chocolat, which a featured consumer describes as “just the same as the French one”.

Other products highlighted include blueberry muffins, made with whole blueberries; a multigrain loaf at just 75p; and chocolate cookies.

The adverts are all tagged as The Little Market, such as Little Market bakery, with others in the collection called Little Market meat and Little Market cheese.

They conclude with the hashtag #LidlSurprises, as in each one customers are shown to be surprised that the products are all available in their local Lidl store.

Watch the video.

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