Warburtons invests £750k in new bread offering

4 new Warburtons loaves:
"guaranteed to tantalise your taste buds"
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Warburtons has added a new line of more premium everyday loaves to its bread range.

The family bakery business has invested £750,000 in new equipment to produce the loaves, including specialised tins, according to British Baker’s sister title The Grocer.

It now produces an Old English White, Malted Grain & Seeds, Wholegrain & Oat and Honey Wheat loaf, currently in Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

Innovation director, Darren Littler told The Grocer that the new lines would appeal to Warburtons buyers who want something “extra special”, but was also confident NPD would also attract new shoppers to the brand.

The Honey Wheat loaf contains Mexican honey, and the Old English White has been created with a sponge mix to improve flavour and texture.

The loaves will be listed in other retailer’s post-Christmas. 

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