Beer Bread mixes introduced to UK

  (Photo: Solent News / Rex Features  )

South African baking company Barrett’s Ridge has launched a range of bread mixes that can be made with beer to British consumers. 

The mixes are designed to be created with beer, and have been launched in five different flavours online.

Flavours for the savoury bread are original, garlic and herb, chilli and garlic, Italian cheese and olive and rosemary.

The Beer Bread mix range is available on the Firebox website, and other online retail outlets, and costs £9.99 a packet.

Tayrene Mugridge, from Barrett's Ridge, said: “Barrett’s Ridge Beer Bread Mix contains all the dry ingredients needed to make beer bread at home.

“The five exciting flavours are all delicious and all the beer bread mixes are made the same way. Just add beer, mix and bake.

“The inspiration came from my gran - she always used to make beer bread for Sunday lunches.”

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