Greggs remembers Robert the Bruce

A statue of Robert the Bruce by Pilkington Jackson, near Bannockburn Heritage Centre
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The new Greggs bakery in Dumfries has put up a plaque in-store, to mark the spot where Robert the Bruce began his bid for the throne of Scotland.

In 1306 Bruce killed his rival for the crown, John ‘Red’ Comyn, on the site where Greggs now stands – Greyfriars Church stood in its place at the time.

A local trust (The Bruce Trust) had hoped to buy the premises and turn them into a visitor centre, but they were leased to Greggs instead.

Member of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) Joan McAlpine contacted the firm to explain the historic significance of the site and, in response, they have now installed a plaque.

It was designed in collaboration with the Dumfries-based Robert the Bruce Trust and its expert Professor Ted Cowan, emeritus professor of Scottish History at Glasgow University.

McAlpine joined Cowan, and Ian and Margo McClumpha of the trust, to unveil the plaque.

McAlpine said: “I warmly congratulate Greggs for their response, which will give visitors a focus and educate people about the dramatic events that changed the course of history.”

McAlpine wrote to Roger Whiteside, Greggs’ chief executive, and was “delighted” when the company responded “so positively”.

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