Gallery: Love Cheesecakes introduces new retail range

The Lancashire-based online cheesecake retailer Love Cheesecakes has introduced a new retail range of cheesecakes, which will be available this week.

Each retail box in Love Cheesecake’s new range contains four cheesecakes in two flavours. The cheesecakes last up to ten days and can be frozen for six months. They can be sold via a chiller or frozen, so are delivered fresh.

James Asquith, owner and founder of Love Cheesecakes, said: “All the flavours have been submitted for a Great Taste Award, so with luck we will get some stars.”

The first range of flavours available will be Raspberry & White Chocolate and Caramel & Toffee. Belgian Milk Chocolate and Lemon & Lime will be added to these at a later date, followed by Belgian Strawberry and Belgian Orange Chocolate.

Asquith added: “By Christmas boxes of 15 will be available, providing a selection of individual cheesecakes.”

The outer box has been designed to be frozen or chilled and is suitable for export. It can be adjusted to hold 12 x 4 cheesecakes or 18 x 4 cheesecakes, depending on how many boxes of four cheesecakes retailers require.

The boxes of four have a suggested RRP of £5 or £5.50 for four 85g cheesecakes.


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