Dawn adds new fondants to line up

Bakery ingredients supplier Dawn Foods has launched two new fondants suitable for coating doughnuts, pastries, eclairs and desserts.

Fondant Sublime is a premium, extra soft, smooth white fondant with a clear shine, which is created by using very fine sugar crystals. The fondant does not need dilution and the fondant is ready-to-use at 35-40°C. The product dries quickly for speed and convenience, but does not crack, said the company.

Fondant Sublime can be dipped, draped or piped and is freeze-thaw and fridge stable. It comes in a 7kg bucket.

Fondant Extra is a traditional hard fondant available in white for dilution and tempering. It is also stable enough to be coloured and flavoured using Dawn Compounds. It has a smooth texture and is kosher certified. The product comes in an 8kg bucket.

Both products are vegetarian and halal certified.

Earlier this month Dawn launched new cream fillings.

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