Feature synopsis: Bread & Roll Plant

Availability of labour is a major concern for many parts of the bakery and food-to-go industry in the wake of the Brexit vote. How much of a solution does increased automation and robotics offer manufacturers of baked goods?

British Baker Insight feature

  • Publication date:  4 April 2018
  • Editorial submissions deadline: 5 March 2018
  • Editorial contact: vince.bamford@wrbm.com

This feature will explore the opportunities for automation/robotics in the industry, including:

  • Can large-scale production be automated even further?
  • What can automation offer small and medium-sized bakery operations?
  • How quickly can a business expect a return on their investment in automation?
  • What parts of bakery and food-to-go production are not suited to automation?
  • What are the key benefits of increased automation

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