Gallery: 2018 World Master Bakers highlights

The World Master Bakers 2018 competition took place at Europain last week (3-5 February), with entrants from across the globe hoping to win the coveted title in three categories.

Bakers from France, The Netherlands and Taiwan were crowned the winners in Gourmet, Nutritional and Artistic Bread Making, respectively.

France’s Déborah Ott excelled in the ‘Bake & Dine’ challenge, creating a Viennese pastry dessert called ‘Ice Bakery’ that featured a crunchy cone rising out of apple petals and filled with rhubarb. Her ‘The Parisienne’ piece, meanwhile, saw brioche fashioned into a female bust enrobed with lace.

Peter Bienefelt from The Netherlands created a multi-flavoured bread shaped into a flower and a bread that was described as one with “unique flavours and appearance”. Taiwan’s Peng-Chieh Wang, meanwhile, created a multi-coloured masterpiece called ‘Taiwanese Folklore Art’ that fashioned a Taiwanese warrior out of bread complete with battle crown, make-up, drum and trident.

The winning pieces weren’t the only impressive creations on display at the show. Here are some of the other highlights:


Photo credits: Clémentine Bejat and Sabine Serrad

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