Aldi rolls out Pinsas as part of summer range

Aldi has unveiled a three-strong range of Pinsas – a product similar to a pizza - as part of its summer seasonal frozen food range.

The name pinsa comes from the Latin word ‘pinsere’, meaning ‘stretch-spread-out’ and refers to the composition of the Pinsa base, which is made using an ancient recipe.

Aldi said the pinsa was thought to be more digestible than a pizza because of the extra-hydrated dough, which is 80% water compared to a pizza, which is more often 50-60%. The increased volume of water helps to make pinsas lighter, airier and crunchier, it added.

Aldi’s Stonebaked Pinsas are available in three flavours:

  • Chicken Tikka: Chicken breast pieces in a fragrant tikka sauce with peppers and onions, topped with creamy mozzarella
  • Ham, Bacon & Mushroom: Slices of tender ham, bacon and seasoned mushrooms with creamy mascarpone sauce
  • Grilled Vegetables & Pesto: Tomatoes, red onion and grilled peppers topped with mozzarella and finished with a green pesto sauce

Aldi said that Stonebaked Pinsas had been made using water directly from the Sibillini mountain region in Italy. They are available in stores now priced at £1.99.

Pinsa, as a product, began making waves in the UK with the opening of Dubai restaurant concept Pinza last year. The brand now has two sites in London – Bethnal Green and Battersea – from which it offers take-away, and it is available on Deliveroo. Pinza describes its product as “not a pizza” and “not a flatbread”, and offers 25 varieties of topping, including sweet options. 

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