What are the top reasons a consumer buys a pastry?

Ahead of National Croissant Day later this month, consumer research has revealed the top three things shoppers look for when buying a pastry.

Not surprisingly, taste/flavour is top of the list for consumers, according to research conducted for Délifrance’s Prove It: The Great British Bakery Report. This was followed by freshness (56%) and price (40%).

With National Croissant Day taking place on 30 January, the report also showed that croissants are the most talked about Viennoiserie product on social media, accounting for 74% of conversation.

The report also revealed:

  • 75% prefer freshly baked Viennoiserie products
  • 32% buy them from artisan bakeries
  • 23% buy them from independent and chain coffee shops
  • 42% would buy more croissants if there were healthier options
  • 28% would buy more if there was more variety

The study also highlighted a promotional opportunity for bakers, with 40% of people more likely to buy a pastry with a hot drink.

“Christmas may have passed but there’s still room for a little indulgence on National Croissant Day,” said Stéphanie Brillouet, marketing director for Northern Europe and North America.

She advised that businesses tailor their offers to current demand and engage with more customers.

“This National Croissant Day, why not run a special croissant and hot drink promotion, or expand your range of flavours with almond croissants or chocolate and hazelnut croissants?”

Brillouet also suggested bakers tap demand for plant-based products by offering vegan pastries.

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