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    Blog: Let’s teach the next generation


    How many of you have some cherished youngsters in your businesses? 

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    Blog: We all share the same dream


    Many years ago I decided to go to a Manchester National Association of Master Bakers (NAMB) branch meeting at the Hotel Piccadilly.

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    Blog: Postcard from the USA


    I really like to travel and I like to go walkabout, just to see what’s out there. My dad always said that you never learn anything in your own back yard and how true that is.

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    Smart on business succession


    You’re all going to die. Or go Ga Ga. Either way Mother Nature will get you in the end! I hope that caught your attention, it was meant to and for a very good reason.

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    At long last, he’s here!


    Many bakers and owners of businesses with either sons or daughters do relish the thought of their children coming into the business… maybe one day, hopefully. On 4 February this year, that day arrived for me, as Stephen Paul Smart started working with Greenhalgh’s Craft Bakery.

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    Blog: Profit before the nation


    Before I begin, let me apologise to the entire population of faint-hearted, economically unaware, naïve shoppers about the crippling effects that the major retailers have inflicted on us and the high street. And, these changes are so profound that they are culturally changing the way we live and eat - and it’s all by their design for maximising profit.

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    Blog: A great night had by all


    It is fair to say - and I am sure my own wife will loudly agree - I am not the world’s most sociable person.

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    Politicians should care for the big and the small


    The retail picture is bleak. To put it bluntly, 2013 has started in a torrid style - awful.

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    It is now the time of “the real bakers”


    May I draw your attention to a brilliant article entitled, “A tale of two breads”, by Vanessa Barford, who was writing for the BBC News Magazine recently. She starts her commentary taking us back 10 years to the days of the Artisan Bakers Poilane in London, who ...

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    Shop local, before it’s too late


    For one brief moment, let me introduce you to the Shetland Islands, a beautiful archipelago of Scotland which lies just of its north eastern shores. They are situated about 50 miles to the northeast of Orkney and approximately 170 miles southeast of the Faroe Islands. The total land mass is ...

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    John Reynard 17th October 1931 – 28th October 2012


    The last time I saw John was five years ago at our own 50th anniversary of being in business which was held at Bolton School in their very impressive corporate function suite. Even then, confined to a wheel chair and in poor health, he still managed to entertain his table and maintain his very warm charm and charisma which many people in the baking industry had come to know and love so well.

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    Spare me please from reality television


    The Great British Bake Off is only the latest offering amongst a plethora of challenging, and public orientated programmes that pit contestants against each other for the coveted title of, “whatever of the year”.

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    It’s all about the #soggybottoms


    Sue Perkins, co-presenter on BBC Two’s The Great British Bake Off has popularised the above phrase, which spread like wildfire as a topic of discussion on Twitter last night, during the show’s grand finale.

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    Let’s all celebrate the creators of worth


    In life, I think, people can be separated into two sorts. There are the spenders of worth and there are the creators of worth – or maybe I should say of value.

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    Corporates change via bakery


    We’re used to corporate people being, well... just that, corporate. Especially the bigger boys who have so much to lose. So it is refreshing then when a senior manager gives such an honest appraisal of their company. I am, of course, referring to the talk by Nick Tatum, the ...

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    Bakers’ Blog: with David Smart


    David Smart is the managing director of family company Greenhalgh’s, a position he took over from his father in 2003. He has grown the business from 23 shops to 63, and has customers among the leading supermarkets, foodservice companies and BHS. What makes a baker?

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    What makes a baker?


    OK it’s not a Monday morning teaser or one of those mind-melting puzzles that have no answer, just a simple question, what is a baker? What amazing powers have been bequeathed from above, or bestowed on that personage, ‘The Baker’?