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    Gerhard’s Blog: learning to tackle the seasons


    As one holiday season passes and another begins, Gerhard Jenne reflects on the pits and peaks of Halloween, and looks to Christmas recipes.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Spitalfields is open


    Following a quick brush with some TV stars, Gerhard Jenne celebrates the opening of the firm’s new shop in Spitalfields I

  • Gerhard’s blog: Halloween on the horizon

    Gerhard’s blog: Halloween on the horizon


    Gerhard Jenne enjoys the delights of bakery in the lush valleys of south Wales… then returns to a full inbox and the prospect of Halloween just around the corner

  • The power of internships

    The power of internships


    David Smart argues that it is high time bakeries used internships to give a fresh boost to their businesses and bring along young talent in the industry, to boot

  • GBBO: The final blogged

    GBBO: The final blogged


    Bronya Smolen admires the strengths of each Great British Bake Off finalists, but says Nancy deserved the title.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Training days


    Gerhard Jenne shows how some extra training days are helping to create a comfortable learning environment and inspire the firm’s cake decorators.

  • GBBO: European inspiration and Star Baker predictions

    GBBO: European inspiration and Star Baker predictions


    Our reporter Bronya Smolen talks transfering skills from building to baking, and the benefits of taking inspiration from outside Britain in this weeks GBBO blog. 

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    Gerhard’s blog: the Germans are coming


    Gerhard receives a visit from a German bakers’ delegation and hears about the challenges they face to keep their businesses vibrant. 

  • Blog: Baking Industry Awards and the nature of competition

    Blog: Baking Industry Awards and the nature of competition


    Oh what a night! I am of course referring to the 2014 Baking Industry Awards, held at the Park Lane Hilton in London, a grand hotel which is well suited to accommodate a very glitzy evening. 

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    Gerhard’s blog: The customer is always right


    Gerhard Jenne deals with two different customer reactions and ponders whether the customer is, indeed, always right.

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    Gerhard’s blog: More fixes


    Gerhard Jenne finds that, when it comes to TV programmes, The Fixer probably has more to offer to small bakery businesses than The Great British Bake Off. 

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    GBBO: Towering success… or not?


    Bronya Smolen looks at the latest episode of the Great British Bake Off, where tarts, mummified pears and towers stretched the contestants’ skills. 

  • Gerhard’s blog: Is success a quick fix?

    Gerhard’s blog: Is success a quick fix?


    Gerhard Jenne finds himself involved as an expert adviser in a business fix-it programme and muses on the secrets to success. 

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    GBBO: Baking bad or bad TV


    British Baker editor, Martyn Leek blogs this weeks Bake Off episode- and explains why the bakers dozen might not cut the bread in the hard working baking industry. 

  • Gerhard’s blog: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Gerhard’s blog: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


    Gerhard Jenne harks back to the delights of Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book and reveals how he has become involved in its 50-year celebration. 

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    Blog: cake is the best option


    Gerhard Jenne muses on the pros and cons of business decisions and on whether cake can be a panacea for the soul when the world is full of woes

  • Great British Bake Off Blogged: Week 1

    Great British Bake Off Blogged: Week 1


    The fifth series of the Great British Bake Off has begun. The amateur bakers have been armed with their hand mixers, wooden spoons and guillotines (we’ll come to that one later…). Paul Hollywood’s knowing smile was back, along with Mary Berry’s subtle critique and outbursts of the word “splendid!”. The battle for star baker begins. 

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    Gerhard’s blog: Getting into the bakery business


    These days if you are a young entrepreneur looking for a foothold in the food industry it most likely happens via a pop-up stall in a market.

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    Blog: what’s your excuse for not pursuing your passion?


    Ok then, let’s get right to the heart of this question: what is stopping you doing what you’ve always dreamed of? The mere hint of it sets your heart racing and you daydream a thousand daydreams, in total abandonment. That’s your passion, that’s you, telling you what you want, that’s you saying to yourself that you are capable of fulfilling your life’s dreams – if only you have the courage to listen. So why don’t you?

  • Blog: Has it come to this?

    Blog: Has it come to this?


    I am now 56-years-old, and my own children like to continually remind me that if there was a hill to be over, I would be not only be over it...