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    Gerhard’s blog: Gay and other cake commissions


    Gerhard Jenne looks back at some risqué cake commissions and points to the importance of moving with the times.

  • Blog: And so it begins…

    Blog: And so it begins…


    As I write, it’s 8:31am on Wednesday 2 July and I am aboard the ‘Virgin Pendolino’ from Wigan (God’s own country) to London for the first Craft Bakers’ Association (CBA) board meeting after our conference...

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    Gerhard’s blog: Raspberry fudge for brunch


    Gerhard Jenne relives the rush of a television spotlight on Sunday Brunch and the challenge of making a raspberry fudge tart in front of the cameras.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Summer of love


    While planning for Christmas is in full swing, Gerhard turns his attention back to summer and the strawberry creations flying out of the door.

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    David Smart’s blog: Daddy’s Little Girl


    Family-owned businesses account for about 80% of all businesses worldwide, and about one-third of them are owned by women. Census data and recent research show that daughters and wives are increasingly taking over family firms.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Glasgow bites


    Gerhard Jenne makes a brief sojourn to Glasgow and samples some of the city’s bakery delights

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    Gerhard’s blog: Sporting challenges


    Those of you who read this blog might sometimes question what planet I live on, waxing on about individual servings of pastries that cost anything from £5, even £8. This does not resemble anything in your life, you might think. It doesn’t for most of the time in mine either, but when you live and work in Central London, you can’t help but notice these things and it also makes it very exciting.

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    Gerhard’s blog: Hot town, summer in the city


    Hot town, summer in the city, our displays are looking yummy and pretty… 

  • Blog: Craft Bakers’ Association looks to the future

    Blog: Craft Bakers’ Association looks to the future


    The Craft Bakers’ Association promised a conference that would be business orientated, relevant to today’s business needs and which would create an ideal forum for bakery owners to meet and network with like-minded people. And that’s exactly what it did.

  • Gerhard’s blog: the past and future of patisseries?

    Gerhard’s blog: the past and future of patisseries?


    Gerhard Jenne delights in the sheer variety of London’ patisserie venues, ranging from classic and traditionalist to a minimalist vision of the future

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    Blog: Summer’s sport gives bakers opportunities


    John Young, national sales manager, Orchard Valley Foods embraces the growing diversity of baking and suggests bakers take advantage of this summer’s sporting events

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    Blog: Winds of Change


    It is quite extraordinary how things come together at times.

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    Blog: wedding cakes and their history


    How do you price up a Royal Wedding Cake? A multi-tiered extravaganza, plus 600 pre-cut portions, as well as 4,000 portions to be packaged and posted, not forgetting the whole production and logistics shrouded in a cloak of secrecy? 

  • Gerhard’s blog: Eurovision wonderment

    Gerhard’s blog: Eurovision wonderment


    Gerhard Jenne relives with delight the moment his Curly Whirly Cake suddenly came under the Eurovision spotlight.

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    Value for money or money for old rope?


    Honestly, just when are you going to learn, you half-witted, dumb-brained nincompoops? Flogging utter garbage for next to nowt is actually destroying our businesses.

  • Gerhard’s blog: Change in just one generation

    Gerhard’s blog: Change in just one generation


    Gerhard Jenne reflects on just how far the UK bakery market has changed since he arrived on British shores.

  • Gerhard’s blog: Eschewing Easter

    Gerhard’s blog: Eschewing Easter


    Gerhard Jenne examines his firm’s performance at Easter, and finds that a Velvet Bunny Cake hit just the right note with customers

  • Gerhard’s blog: wedding cake season

    Gerhard’s blog: wedding cake season


    With Easter behind us, Gerhard Jenner welcomes the advent of the wedding cake season and the challenges it entails You need to read this with the sombre tones of Sir David Attenborough’s voice in mind: Spring is upon us and the sap is rising. Pastures are green and transforming ...

  • Gerhard’s blog: the second book is born

    Gerhard’s blog: the second book is born


    Gerhard Jenne describes the challenges of his second published volume… and the differences since the first time around.

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    Gerhard’s Blog: The principle of ‘GREAT’


    We devised a ‘GREAT’ customer service principle and train our staff accordingly. It’s a handy aide memoire, where each letter stands for a particular aspect of our service.