We’ve had the Cronut and now Starbucks is to launch a new bakery hybrid called the Duffin.

Launching as part of a new food range hitting stores in the UK from today (3 October), the Duffin is a cross between a doughnut and muffin, and has been developed in partnership with Rich Products.

It is baked in the shape of a muffin, and is made with free-range egg and buttermilk to give it a light texture, according to Rich Products.

The Duffin was developed at one of Rich’s internal brainstorm meetings to find innovative ideas for Starbucks’ food range in the UK.

As part of the coffee chain’s food relaunch, the bakery manufacturer has also developed a new Chocolate Swirl, to accompany the iconic Cinnamon Swirl, and a new and improved version of muffins containing buttermilk.

Julie Prebble, category manager, Starbucks UK, said: “This fusion trend elevates traditional American products, so when we combined our American heritage with our hero muffin range and ever popular doughnuts, the Duffin seemed the perfect creation.”

Melissa Deusion, NPD manager at Rich Products, added: “Muffins are an iconic product category for Starbucks and, as a pioneer of innovation, it seemed only right that we should champion this trend and take the muffin category to the next level.”

Since the beginning of the Cronut craze, a number of bakeries across the UK have been coming up with their own hybrid products, including Zeelandia’s Zeenut, Rinkoff’s Crodough and Greggs’ Greggsnut.