A trio of animal-themed cakes feature in the relaunch of Sainsbury’s celebration cake range.

Rolling out from 3 October, the retailer’s celebration line-up will comprise 32 products priced between £5 and £13, including 17 new cakes.

Among the launches is a Sammy the Sausage Dog cake (£10), which has been developed to tap Brits’ passion for dachshunds, said the retailer.

Sainsbury’s said there had been 2.7 million Instagram posts on the #sausagedog and that searches for sausage dog items on the Sainsbury’s website had grown by 65% in the past year.

Launching alongside Sammy, which is a chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream, are new character cakes Debra the Zebra (£12) and Nancy the Narwhal (£9). Both are filled with raspberry jam between a traditional Madeira sponge.

Also rolling out in October is a salted caramel drip cake and sweetie smash cake.

“It’s no secret that the nation continues to look at platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest for creative and fun baking inspiration – but it also means there are more eyes on centrepiece cakes than ever before,” said Sainsbury’s product developer Lexie Mackintosh.

“Our new range of delicious and trend-led cakes takes the stress out of any party planning and helps our customers celebrate in style, no matter the occasion.”

The full Sainsbury’s range will comprise:

  • Rory the Lion Cake £9
  • Monty the Monkey Cake  £9
  • Wiggles the Caterpillar Cake £6
  • Oscar the Teddy Bear Cake £9
  • Nancy the Narwhal Whale £9
  • Football Crazy Madeira Cake  £7
  • Mermaid Cake £10
  • Princess Cake £10
  • Unicorn Cake  £12
  • Unicorn Cupcakes  £5
  • Sammy the Sausage Dog Cake £10
  • Rainbow Cake  £12
  • Debra the Zebra Cake  £12
  • Chocolate Enrobed Gift Cake £4.80
  • Chocolate Party Cake  £5.50
  • Madeira Party Cake  £5.50
  • Small Seriously Chocolate Cake  £6.50
  • Large Seriously Chocolate Cake £9
  • Small Madeira Cake £6
  • Large Madeira Cake £10
  • Decorate Your Own Cake  £6.50
  • Chocolate Birthday Cubes x15 £10
  • Chocolate Tray Bake  £5
  • Sweetie Tray Bake  £5
  • Mega Chocolate Traybake  £10
  • Giant Chocolate Cupcake  £ 11
  • Seriously White Chocolate Pearl Cake  £10
  • Rose Bouquet Cake £12
  • Triple Layer Chocolate Cake £12
  • Butterfly Madeira Cake £9
  • Salted Caramel Drip Cake £12
  • Sweetie Smash Cake  £13.00