Website Audience- 78,475 average unique visitors per month (six months to May 31st 2020) delivers breaking news as it happens. Independent and trusted, the site actively encourages debate and involvement in the issues of the day to ensure the UK bakery community is engaged with the decision makers and the current affairs that affect them. Pricing data infographics tag trends and stats. The site embeds rich media coverage of forward-thinking conferences and exhibitions as well as ‘How To’ and recipe concepts to lead innovation within craft and artisan businesses

Social Media- 32,434
British Baker and its wholly-owned brand National Cupcake Week is actively engaged on Twitter, via Facebook and LinkedIn to its responsive marketplace. Commentary, ideas and forward-thinking suggestions are all led by British Baker’s social networks. We understand our audience; what they are thinking, what they are doing, and what they are planning. And they trust our independent view.

The universe of the UK bakery sector’s interest is encompassed by British Baker’s annual calendar of events and exhibitions. Each activity runs to reward and showcase professionalism and excellence and provide the total community with authoritative, independent and trusted mechanisms to demonstrate business integrity and product quality to their respective customer bases. The premier annual event for the UK bakery market is British Baker’s Baking Industry Awards that has been running for 29 years.

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