Genius Gluten Free has expanded its ‘Good for the Gut’ range with new cobs and deli rolls.

The additions include the Fibre Fest Gut Lovin’ Cob and Fibre Fest Gut Lovin’ Deli rolls, which both have twice the fibre content of regular wheat bread and rolls, according to Genius.

The company has also added the Protein Punch Gut Lovin’ Cob, which offers 50% more protein than standard wheat cobs and is topped with pumpkin seeds for added flavour, crunch and nutrients, Genius said.

The new cobs and rolls also contain chicory root inulin, a naturally occurring prebiotic fibre that contributes to normal gut function. 

They join the Fibre Fest Wraps, which launched in August, and the Fibre Fest and Protein Punch Bread Crisps, which followed in September – all part of Genius’ Good for the Gut range.