Pladis has extended its McVitie’s Cake range with a new product inspired by its orange Club bars, designed to combine cake, biscuits and chocolate in one treat.

Available now in supermarkets and c-stores, the McVitie’s Club Orange Cake Crunchies merge the flavour of Club Orange, with a spongey cake, topped with chocolate-flavoured cream and crunchy biscuit pieces enrobed in smooth milk chocolate. It is sold in a five-pack with a recommended retail price of £1.65.

Aiming the product at consumers seeking a lunchtime treat, Pladis is predicting £2m in annual sales.

“We know consumers are continually searching for new snacking experiences, and this innovation lets us combine three things we know consumers love – cake, biscuits and chocolate, in one delicious treat,” said Claire Hooper, head of marketing for McVitie’s Cake Co.

“We’re confident the launch will be popular with McVitie’s fans and attract new shoppers into the cake category".

Recent Pladis innovation has included the expansion of McVitie’s Thins to include products featuring two Digestives Thins with a solid chocolate centre, and extending the Thins format beyond Digestives for the first time with the launch of McVitie’s Hobnobs Thins.