The Prime Minister has urged food manufacturers to lower the levels of sugar found in food.

As part of Prime Minister’s Questions, taking place in the House of Commons earlier today (16 January), David Cameron stressed the point as Keith Vaz, Labour MP for Leicester East, asked: “What steps does the Prime Minister propose to take to cut the amount of sugar in foods?”

Cameron replied: “That is why we challenge business through our Responsibility Deal to try to reduce levels of sugar - and that has had some effect. Frankly, this is one of those health challenges that is not just a challenge for the health service, it is a challenge for local authorities, for schools and for parents as well.

“And as someone trying to bring up three children without excessive amounts of Coca-Cola, I know exactly how big this challenge is.”

The debate comes weeks after The Labour Party called for stricter legal guidelines to be enforced in the food industry when it comes to the levels of sugar, salt and fat contained in food.

It also follows on the government’s decision to launch its The Public Health Responsibility Deal, which will look at focusing actions that food manufacturers, retailers and out-of-home operators can deliver.

Bakery manufacturers and firms that have signed up to this pledge include Premier Foods, Warburtons, United Biscuits, Burton’s Biscuit Company and Greggs.