Bakery ingredients producer Edme has invited school pupils to its Mistley factory to learn more about the industry and consider a career in food manufacturing. 

Thirty Year-10 students from Manningtree High School attended the special event as part of National Science and Engineering Week, which included a factory tour and hands-on lesson with technical director Simon Wooster to learn more about enzymes, malt and the science of baking.

Edme held the educational day in a bid to get young people interested in the application of science and careers in food manufacturing.

Peter Tichbon, managing director at Edme, said: “The British economy needs thriving manufacturing industries, which in turn need great scientists and engineers. This is an industry which is not only vital to the economy, but also helps to feed the nation.”

Richard Ball, Edme’s technical baker, led a ‘science of bread-making’ demonstration, which involved stretching dough and learning about the effect of malt and enzymes on the elasticity of dough, as well as the texture of bread.