So, what are Butter Buds?

Butter Buds are natural dairy concentrates that can either replace butter, cream, cheese, olive oil and cocoa butter without loss of flavour, richness or quality.

Why are they so special?

They’re created from actual butter, cream etc, so they deliver an authentic dairy flavour with either a natural or extract declaration. They’re also healthy; at typical application levels, they contribute less than 0.1% fat!

Why should bakers buy this?

More than just a flavour, they deliver quality characteristics of dairy fat, adding mouthfeel and body to the products at a much lower cost than the dairy fat itself. They’re shelf-stable for 12-18 months, non-GMO and kosher certified and can be declared as "natural flavour" for a clean label.

So explain the techie stuff.

At the heart of every Butter Buds product is a carefully tailored enzyme blend. These are added to 100% natural butter (or other dairy fat) and put through a tightly controlled time/temperature process. The enzyme blends selectively break the molecular bonds and release the full flavour potential of butter. The result is concentrated dairy flavour, converted to either free-flowing powders or convenient pastes.

Bottom line, what’s this product worth to the baker?

We have recently done a cost-saving exercise in butter biscuits, showing a 30-35% cost reduction on the butter flavour component of the recipe formulation, but with the flavour, mouthfeel and texture intact!