The addition of a co-extrusion system to new or existing single or twin-screw lines can help new product development, according to APV Baker (Peterborough).

The company says the system can be used to make unusually shaped baked snacks, complemented by exotic flavours and fillings, such as sweet or savoury creams, fruit pastes or chocolate praline.

The system’s essential elements are a pillow crimper, cream-feed system and die. The crim-per handles up to eight lanes of product, while a simultaneous cutting and crimping action helps minimise product handling and transfers, which can contribute to surface damage.

Different shapes and flavours can be produced simultaneously for variety packs. The modular cream-feed system can be supplied in sizes from two to eight pumps and offers

accurate metering of fillings.

APV Baker says that die technology is key to the development of new snacks and that retro-fitting new dies during the mid-lifecycle of an extruder can help develop new and attractive brands. One application is the production of new ‘light’ products, using a special die to inject air.