Bubbles could be the answer to encouraging more children to eat sandwiches made out of healthier brown bread, proclaimed The Daily Telegraph in a recent article (tinyurl.com/5oxs96). In it, the article suggested that there is a basic problem encouraging people to eat more brown bread because of its inferior texture to white bread.

Giving a talk earlier this month at an Institution of Chemical Engineers’ lecture at Birmingham University, Dr Grant Campbell of the University of Manchester is quoted as saying: "Brown or wholemeal bread is less suitable for making tasty sandwiches - the bran pops the bubbles. Nutritionists have been telling us to eat more wholemeal bread for decades, but we still prefer white bread because it tastes better.

"Chemical engineers are working to find a way of getting bran into bread recipes without popping the bubbles. By doing this we will create a healthier bread without sacrificing the tastiness."

Focusing more on bubbles should help bakers come up with a healthier wholemeal bread that is more appetising to children, argued The Telegraph. Hmm, we thought, sounds a bit iffy. So we called in the experts to give their view on bubbles in bread.