New: Bread Box

A brand developed for the UK market with products starting from £1. Products and deals are grouped simply into £1/£2/£3/£4 to emphasise value. "We’ve just opened our second Bread Box in London Victoria station and it’s trading really well. The strapline is ’Satisfyingly simple’, and we lead with tea made in teapots for £1, with a range of British bread rolls. You won’t find prosciutto, you’ll find a great ham and cheese. We’ll keep tuning the brand but we’re particularly ambitious for it."

Revived: Panopolis

Gourmet sandwiches with an outlet opening this month in London City airport, following the closure of the London Bridge branch. "That’s one of our most international brands, in Abu Dhabi, Zurich, Hong Kong, so we’re excited about that."

Shelved: Piece of Cake

Hand-held cake and coffee outlet. "We’re conscious that we need to keep coming up with new brands for changing customer needs."

Consumer view

"What do you eat for breakfast most often out of home?"
Food type%
A cooked breakfast (eg eggs, bacon, beans) 42
Hot roll (eg bacon roll, sausage sandwich) 28
Toast 19
Any cereal 18
Pastries (eg croissants, Danish, pain au chocolat)16
Fruit 5
Cold sandwich (eg smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel)14
Breakfast bars (eg cereal bars) 13
Other bread product (eg baguette, ciabatta)13
Cold cereal (eg Cornflakes, Rice Crispies)12
American-style breakfast (eg pancakes, muffins, waffles) 11
Continental-style breakfast (eg croissant, cooked meats)11
Yoghurt or yoghurt drink 10
Sliced bread or bread roll 10
Hot cereal (eg porridge)9
Granola/muesli etc 8
Something else 0
Base: 387 internet users aged 16+ who eat breakfast out of home
Source: Toluna/Mintel, December 2010