International conveyor and transmission belt manufacturer Chiorino UK has launched a new belt, which it says ensures absolute hygiene.

The firm said that, in response to the food industry’s growing hygiene demands, it has met and exceeded the criteria laid down by new European Food Directives, which include only using chemicals in the production of its conveyor belts that are authorised to be in contact with foodstuffs, and keeping the migration levels of these chemicals down to an absolute minimum.

Chiorino has recently launched a new range of HP polyurethane food belts that do not contain any biocide additives that could migrate from the surface and contaminate products being conveyed. A special HP impregnation of the fabric in the driving surface of the belts acts as insulation and further protects against bacterial infiltration, said the firm.

"This means there is a total absence of cracking in the material, and stops the formation of bacterial colonies on the surface of the belts," added MD Carl Johnson.