Luxury pudding and cake-maker Coles Traditional Foods is moving into new markets as it aims to extend its year-round business.

The firm, traditionally known for making Christmas puddings, has been busy with a whole host of new product development, as well as work on rebranding, as it looks to capitalise on its Tiptree ties. Essex-based Coles was acquired by the Wilkin & Sons group, best-known for its Tiptree preserves, in September 2010.

Scott Goodfellow, managing director, told British Baker: "We are looking to develop the Coles brand in two ways moving into additional Christmas products and all-year-round puddings."

Its launches include new Christmas puddings, such as a hidden mandarin pudding, and Christmas cakes. It also plans to launch a range of mince pies.

In addition, the firm will introduce a Simnel cake for Easter, and a Great British Party Cake to boost its all-year-round sales, "as well as looking at other events, such as Halloween", said Goodfellow.

New twin-pack steamed puddings, to launch in September, will feature endorsement from Tiptree. Goodfellow added: "We’re also working on exports. We are now in about 20 countries around the world and we’re looking to grow that."