"The morning rush hour is mostly about coffee and, after that, it’s all about baguettes. That’s why our marketing campaign was very coffee-focused in the morning," says Upper Crust brand director Steve MacDavid. The company’s range and activity include:

l Core range of baguettes sold throughout the day

l Supplemented by a morning range of breakfast products such as bacon rolls, egg rolls, sausage baguettes, smaller baguettes (because people tend to want a less filling product), and a range of pastries

l In-store communication is changed to suit day-part: in the morning it is focused on coffee and breakfast products before switching to baguettes

l Choice and variety is programmed into the range. "We do seasonal products, such as an Italian baguette on a sourdough bread, which is something new for us, and it’s selling really well," he says. "Another is the New Yorker, which is pastrami-based, and has again sold really well. This summer we have a campaign based on Mediterranean products. We’ve done a lot of work to understand when products should be core or when products can change or be on promotion."