Dovemart’s Easy Piper was one of the talking points of BIE. The piping dispenser just needs a gentle touch to dispense icing, butter creme, warm chocolate, Vienna mix - almost every filling and topping including savoury ones, such as mashed potato and sausage roll filling.

Invented by Ed Dittmar from Idaho, the Easy Piper is aimed at bakers producing around 25 cakes a day or upwards. It is not hosed, so the operator can move around. It comprises a rubber tube, filled under pressure by a charger (20lb per square inch), which causes the tube to expand and become the pipe. The operator can use the pipe, which has a release nozzle, three times faster, according to Dovemart.

Three savoy bags, which can hold three different ingredients at one time form part of a special hanging contraption. The filling can be poured or scooped in as normal and is then pumped through to the rubber tube, alias the Easy Piper. Patented worldwide it is already used in hundreds of major companies and retailers in the US and Canada.

RRP: £7,600 (three-bag system)


== VacMap shows off its style ==

Machinery manufacturer Ilapak showed various innovations at the recent Interpack show in Germany from 24 to 30 April.

For the first time at an exhibition, the company demonstrated a fully operational version of its VacMap flow wrapper, a system that allows bakery manufacturers to produce high-quality flow-wrap packs with the same shelf-life as thermoformed packs, but at a lower cost. Shown wrapping fresh pizzas, the VacMap technology offers a three-in-one packaging solution - flow-wrap, MAP and VacMap - which the company claims provides a low-cost method of prolonging the shelf-life of bakery products without the use of an alcohol spray or thermoforming.

Also on show was the latest addition to the Ilapak Carrera range, the Carrera 4000.

This is the first of Ilapak’s new range of horizontal packaging machines, designed to enable lowest cost per pack to be achieved by optimising machine size and performance through an incremental modular design, according to the firm.

Customers are able to future-proof their equipment, as the machine allows configuration changes, simply by exchanging or adding new modules.


== Salvis offers a fresh approach ==

Hertfordshire-based firm Exclusive Ranges has introduced the Salvis ’Fresh & Smart’ line of mobile front cooking stations, allowing bakers to cook in front of customers without unwanted smells and steam.

Almost odourless baking is now possible, said the firm, even in enclosed spaces and without an extractor hood, thanks to a special suction system fitted above the station. This directs steam and unwanted smells directly downwards into a filter, eliminating up to 92% of odours, said the firm.

The units are mobile and three versions are available, all interchangeable. Each can be fitted with a range of Salvis Smartline appliances.


== Frimovel sets up in the UK ==

Lancashire-based firm Frimovel UK has secured sole UK distribution rights for Portuguese Frimovel refrigerated counters.

The ergonomic patisserie counter, aimed at bakery and food outlets comes in a variety of styles and designs and is accompanied by a nationwide service agreement.

Counters are available as refrigerated, ambient and heated versions in several sizes, as well as corner units. All of these can be multiplexed. The cabinet range also has a wide range of decor options and bespoke solutions to complement various shop styles.

Frimovel UK managing director Eddie Ashworth says: "Frimovel cabinets offer a high-quality solution at an affordable price. They are hard to beat in price versus quality terms. The new arrangement will allow our customers to purchase the counters direct, without having to be tied to a particular shop-fitter."


== Ireks thinks along mini-cake lines ==

Many customers who stop for a coffee or tea do not always want a full-size cake or Danish pastry and are therefore much more likely to be tempted by a mini-cake.

This is the thinking behind the Bandolini mix, launched by Ireks at the Baking Industry Exhibition (BIE), which is used to make mini-cakes.

Bandolinos or ’gugelhupfs’ (ball cakes) are mini-cakes with different tastes and variations which revive a classic 17th century recipe.

There are numerous versions of the Bandolino and its sister Spelt and Yoghurt Cake-Mix. Ireks says both products can be processed quickly and easily both for baked and unbaked goods. Additionally, both remain fresh and moist for a long time.

Bandolino mix provides a golden yellow colour, while Spelt and Yoghurt stands out due to its slightly nutty and yoghurt-fresh taste.

Mini-cake lines that can be quickly and easily made up include Coffeelino, Chocolino, and Fruitino. Ireks is offering a silicon baking tray with 35 small Bandolino moulds.

Ireks has also launched Avena Vital mix. With more than 60% of oats in the mix it is designed to offer a healthy looking and tasting loaf.

Neil Woods, sales manager UK said: "Avena Vital is a bread where you can really experience the full taste of oats. As well as their special taste and numerous valuable ingredients they are now being rediscovered by more and more consumers."

Ireks specialises in mixes, improvers and brewing malts. It was founded more than 150 years ago and supplies to more than 70 countries.


== Cornish firm expands its repertoire ==

Handmade pasty manufacturer Proper Cornish has expanded into the premium snack arena, with the launch of a grab-and-go range of mini Cornish shortbread biscuits.

The move marks the company’s first venture into brand extension and uses the expertise gained through its acquisition of Cornish biscuit brand Furniss of Cornwall.

The range includes Cornish Clotted Cream Mini Shortbread Fingers and All Butter Mini Shortbread with Belgian Chocolate, all available in cases of 18 x 75g bags.

Proper Cornish managing director Phil Ugalde said: "We are confident these will be a winner with the increasing number of consumers who demand quality bite size treats."

RSP: £1.29


== Top toppings for Unifine ==

Hot on the heels of a new trend in France, Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients launched toppings and fillings for éclairs at BIE, including fruity flavours such as strawberry. Also new were muffin and cupcake items with rustic-look cases that open out into four quarters.

Wrappable icing celebrated its third birthday at BIE. "This versatile icing has proved a real asset to bakers," said Unifine’s Simon Solway. "It is freeze/thaw stable and has a shelf life of six months. And it has now been launched in an industrial version for in-line production."


== Natural launch for Dawn ==

Sweet bakery and ingredients supplier Dawn Foods launched a range of new icings, toppings and fillings at BIE this year, all of which feature all-natural colours and flavours for the first time.

The new toppings range includes Caramel Glossy topping, Spread and Gloss Chocolate topping, Lemon, Banana & Orange Fruit Bits, Premium Strawberry & Cherry fruit fillings.

Also on show for the first time was Dawn’s new yeast-raised Donut Base, designed for the production of American- style donuts.

The product is suitable for

sheet-cut, mechanically moulded and pressure-cut donut

processing and offers low-fat absorption.