PENZANCE-BASED bakery chain Warrens, with 56 shops, says it has got the year “off to a brilliant start” with a French-themed promotion.

Product development manager Jason Jobling said the company is offering a nine-line French range for the month of February, including French sticks, croissants, pains au chocolat as well as Boeuf Bourguignon pasties and French onion soup. Customers who buy three or more products in the French range can enter a competition to win a £500 French holiday voucher, a prize sponsored by ADM Milling.

Sales so far have been extremely strong Mr Jobling said, with French sticks selling five times the normal amounts. He commented: “Christmas was good, but like most bakers we find the start of the year quite slow. We wanted to do something different this year, and this promotion has got it off to a brilliant start.”

Warrens intends to run Italian- and American-themed promotions this year and has more

ideas for next year. he added.