Forum Products (Redhill, Surrey) suggests using its Fruisana fruit sugar to make celebration cakes to cash in on the low-Glycaemic Index trend.

Fruisana (made from fructose) is low-GI and is found naturally in most fruits and honey and is as stable as ordinary sugar. It is sweeter than normal cane sugar (sucrose) and so up to a third less can be used to achieve the same level of sweetness, says the company. The brand is also suitable for type II diabetics.

By using Fruisana instead of conventional sugar, the flavours of the products are also enhanced, Forum says. Top chefs are using Fruisana in their desserts, according to the company. It "lifts" flavours - in particular fruits, chocolate, spices and patisserie. Fruisana Fruit Sugar is available in 25 kilogram sacks nationwide through Forum. It is also sold in 6 X 250g retail packs.