United Biscuits UK (UBUK) has given the green light to a new advertising campaign for the go ahead! brand. The £1.2m spend will see a new TV commercial hit our screens in a bid to raise sales over the summer months. The ad will run from 2 June to 22 August and will focus on its Yoghurt Breaks range.

“This new go ahead! campaign is further evidence that we continue to support retailers and develop sales by introducing striking and memorable advertising campaigns,” said Nick Stuart, commercial manager, UBUK. “The launch of this campaign will ensure the go ahead! brand remains the UK’s healthier snack, relevant to its target audience and will drive sales.”

In the last year sales of the go ahead! brand have grown by 29%, and UBUK hope to increase this further. There will also be a money saving offer in conjunction with the ad, whereby consumers can download a 30p off coupon from the go ahead! website.