A study has revealed one in 10 of the British population pass pre-bought desserts off as their own.

The study of over 2,000 adults from Sainsbury’s and YouGov showed that half of individuals surveyed cheat when baking and a quarter cut corners because of time constraints or a lack of patience. Around 46% of people also take shortcuts, such as buying pre-made icing and readymade cake mix when it comes to preparing cakes and desserts.

The statistics appear to contradict the increasing popularity of home baking in Britain, with many aspiring to create their own sweet treats from scratch and gaining inspiration from programmes such as The Great British Bake Off.

British Baker discovered earlier this month that more people are looking to turn their baking hobbies into a money-making career, with an increse of 54% on start-up businesses according to the findings by insurance broker Simply Business.

The company said insurance quote requests have grown considerably in the past two years, with 2,319 from new cake-making businesses this year, compared to 370 in 2009.