Hell Pizza, has launched gluten-free pizza bases in the UK, following their success in New Zealand. The launch of the bases coincided with Coeliac UK’s ’Food Without Fear’ week. In the UK, around one in 100 people suffer from coeliac disease, caused by gluten intolerance.

The bases will also be accompanied by a range of carefully selected toppings. "We first found out about coeliac disease when one of our staff mentioned he couldn’t eat pizza, which is unheard of at Hell," said Callum Davies, owner and founder of Hell Pizza. Hell then decided to create a base for the 40,000 Kiwis with coeliac disease, finding a well-respected supplier and introducing the concept to their restaurants.

Hell Pizza started out in New Zealand in 1996. After building up a large customer base, it sold the New Zealand master franchise rights to Burger King, and opened its first UK restaurant in Fulham, London in 2007.