Brook Food has supplied Hobbs House Bakery with a Rofco B40 oven to create video tutorials during the coronavirus outbreak.

The Rofco B40 oven is designed to bake quality bread using commercial and scalable methods.

With many people across the globe in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, and reduced access to bakeries and items such as bread, it was time to increase the scale of the Hobbs House Cookery School, said the company.

Hobbs House has been running a cookery school for six years, with a focus on baking all-year round.

“We believe that good bread should be shared, so we have always openly shared recipes and helped people to bake. Once people have tasted real handmade bread, there is no going back,” said Anna Herbert, marketing director at Hobbs House.

The bakery is using its skills and knowledge to help bring real bread to people within the comfort of their own homes, it added.

Hobbs House has multiple social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, 18,000 newsletter subscribers and a Sourdough Nation forum with more than 5,000 members.