FSA’s point-size push

The Food Standards Agency has revised its guidance on clear labelling for food packaging, suggesting that manufacturers should use at least an eight-point font size for essential information, especially on safety. The FSA said this reflects concerns that some existing labels containing information on food content are too small for many people.

Oven grant

The 109-year-old Lewis’s Bakery based in Garrets Green, Birmingham has been awarded a £46,000 grant by Advantage West Midlands to help it buy three new ovens. The grant has also enabled the firm to start baking European breads such as ciabatta and focaccia.

Bakery’s open day

The organic Side Oven Bakery based on a farm at Foston in East Yorkshire held an open day earlier this month in aid of the Country Trust, a charity which promotes understanding of the countryside among children, teachers and parents from inner-city areas. Visitors were able to tour the bakery and see the traditional wood oven.

Taking a Brekkie

The West Cornwall Pasty Company has launched a new savoury breakfast range across its 50 stores, which will feature three varieties of "Brekkie" wrapped in golden pastry: bacon, sausage, egg and baked beans; a slice of cooked ham, scrambled egg and mature Cheddar; or scrambled egg, mature Cheddar, tomatoes and mushrooms.

Iodine boost

Bakers in Australia will have to add iodine to bread from next year due to concerns that iodine deficiency is re-emerging. Health authorities fear that a lack of iodine can affect neurological development in children and reduce IQ levels.