== Polish opportunity ==

According to the British Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), Poland imports food and drink worth around £5.3bn, but only 2% comes from the UK (around £93m). Opportunities for Britain to export to Poland will be discussed at the British Polish Agrifood Forum, held by the BPCC, in Warsaw on 13 November. More details are at [http://www.bpcc.org.pl/agrifood].

== Eastern promise ==

The Middle East and South Africa have been ranked by market watchers as second globally, in terms of volume and value of bakery sales last year. Several economic and social factors, such as high incomes, growth in population and increasing availability of international products, have been cited as possible reasons.

== Melamine worry ==

A Taiwanese Department of Health official has said more than 200 tonnes of a melamine-tainted leavening agent, for use in bakery products and imported from China, had been sold in the domestic market. A total of 469 tonnes of ammonium bicarbonate, found to contain melamine, is reported to have been imported from two Chinese companies, around 200 tonnes of which has been sold to local distributors.

== Slovenian harvest ==

This year’s harvest in Slovenia has yielded 160,000 tonnes of wheat and spelt, according to The Statistics Office. This is a 20% rise on the previous year, although crops other than wheat and spelt increased by just 10%.

== Panera success ==

The US Panera Bread company, based in Missouri, has shown a 23% rise in total revenue for the 39 weeks ended 23 September 2008, and a 22% rise in operating profit for the same period.