Three Optimass Coriolis flow-meters from Krohne (Wellingborough, Northants) have been installed by specialist chocolate manufacturer Classic Couverture.

Optimass flowmeters are manufactured from materials conforming to FDA guidelines and comply with European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group standards. They can measure to an accuracy of +/-0.1% of the actual measured flow rate, one of the prime reasons for their selection by Classic.

“We invested in Optimass flowmeters to improve measurement accuracy of ingredients to give us better control in maintaining quality standards,” says John Greenhalgh, consultant at Classic.

The flowmeters are controlling critical ingredients, some of which have a high viscosity. Thanks to a stainless steel hot water jacket, the ingredients are maintained at the optimum temperature for manufacture.

Krohne says the Coriolis mass flowmeter was the first of its kind to incorporate a single straight tube design. It also features the company’s adaptive sensor technology design, ensuring stable operation under varying pro-cess conditions.